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Ok I met my husband when I had just turned 20 yrs, he was 22yrs old. I had already had my daughter from a previous relationship which went sour, anyhow we ended up getting married things was not all rosy. My husband ended up getting a new job and I lent him my phone, when he came back home he gave me back my phone the phone started to ring. When I answered no reply, I eventually forget about the phone call. 

I ended up leaving him for a while, he kept calling me to come spend the weekend with him I went eventually. The Monday morning when he went to bathe his phone rang, I did not answer I sent a text message asking who is this the reply was this is the baddest bitch out. I did not reply, I started to get suspicious so I moved back home then I noticed he started hiding and locking his phone. I decided to investigate I learned this woman have three children and no man.

He started going out coming home the next day, when I asked where he was its always he was out liming I started going through his phone and that’s where d argument started. He kept on lying, this woman wormed her way into my marriage she eventually get my husband to move in with her and her three children and she renting mind you we have our own house. This man backed a truck in our yard and tote out our first furniture set we had, my daughter double-decker he had brought for her he carried all them thing for this home wrecker (the picture I am adding to this post you would see my space- saver in the back ground) my old used chair set she stand up in front it, d small throw cushion on the chair my mother in law made that for me she changed the cushions on the chair. He carry my old used up mattress for she to lie down on after I done cum ah million and one time on it.

I went so far I made a false profile on fb and I added her as a friend and I started a conversation with her and she told me that she in a relationship but d man is married and how he wife working obeah on him. I was so shock I was like if she only know who she talking to she would mess she self. I want Marsha Rousseau from Penal to know is 6yrs now you trying to break up my marriage but what GOD has joined together let no man put asunder you need to find ur own man and stop trying to break up my marriage.

Your Thoughts?

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Marsha From Penal — 65 Comments

  1. Wait, so you mean to say this hungry bitch sleeping on a marital mattress? What de fack she was before? A spranger? Look I dead yes, I sharing this on my wall.

  2. Honey, she is not “trying” to break up your marriage. He is living with her, he left you. Sounds to me like your marriage is already broken up. Or are you still trying to get him back? After all that, why would you still want this man? Move on with your life. You can do better.

    • I disagree, married ppl get back together all the time. Especially when there are no outside distractions. This woman contributed to the demise of a marriage, she is a home wrecker.

      • You said “she eventually get my husband to move in with her and her three children”. I thought they were living together. Either way, after all that, I would have thrown his ass out. But if you love him, you are married so no one should come between that. She is wrong and it sounds like she’s just looking for someone to mind her 3 children.

      • That what you just said miss is UTTER SHIT. Disgusting! A man could make a woman feel guilty for his mistake. No matter if it was “her fault”, a man with proper morals would never have done that mess. Cant believe your stupid comment, he did shit and you talking about why the marriage in a mess and it should start with herself. A woman could cater to a man every wishes, and he would still horn her.

        • Ms lady if u in kno shit shut ur ass caz d cheatin starts wit d wife n she jus cah handle it dat she husband doin wat he wants now faults or not if she wants to be honest she will tell d whole truth of d story n stop lying she way to sympathy for pple to feel sry for her plz she goin about she private business d wrong way talkin shit steups

          • Im sure you’re the asshole Marsha. This girl is my friend and she has been thru shit with this man so dont try to justify you’re hungry ass with your lame comments. First to begin if you thought much about yourself you would never settle for the shit you did. What!!!Just to say you have a man. You would settle for other people hand me downs…you have some nerve!! Get a fucking life you skanky ass whore!!!

        • Honey chile life is. Cycle… He turn soon come, wen yuh wound heal, her’s will be now fresh… How low off him to back a truck and take stuff frm his home, it will hurt but let dat man go he way eh… Prayyyyyyy…

    • hmm she f*ing bad and bold posing with people thing that why karma is a bitch what goes around comes right back around in speed .

  3. OMG why can’t these women stay away from married men. I am so glad this site exists, maybe these idiot women will think twice about this to other women. Whatever happened to the girl code, stay away from other people man.

  4. Aye I not married, I need ah hoe to give me ah good ‘rub down’ tonight. Send she dey by me. Doh worry I go put ah paper bag over she head.

  5. It always easy for others to say ‘leave him’ but remember we are not the ones in the relationship. Sometimes people invest so much into a relationship that it hard to give up. It depends on the circumstances. If you can forgive and move on by all means, however if its detrimental to your well being get out.

    • tru i agree every she is emotionally invested and they did take vows…so its not just a bf and gf relationship, its deeper…i hope it works out yes…as for the HW Karma is waiting patiently.


  6. Amazing to say, this is the harsh reality if life yes. Me? I def didn’t want that piece ah shit u calling u husband. He ass was knocking d pavement yea!

  7. i know her!!!!!!! lmaooo dey used to call her shabba lol she used to work security. dont no if she still working security tho. she relllll baddd. she like money. if yuh is a man with money she wud go with yuh. she full ah sad story. shes a user. she was with man all over. i know her good. shes a rel hoeee. tell yuh man make sure an use condoms if he still with her cuz she have rel man.

  8. candace she still working security but with ah different company right now she playing she is the best christian out she sick yes fighting me down real bad for my husband with she ulgy ass,and the latest i hear is she have ah man eh but must be somebody husband too.

  9. Darkie,
    Can’t believe you taking claim to That Man.
    It’s not only her to blame it’s him to.
    She’s doing what she does best, You got to do Better.

  10. Some women are just pathetic! You shouldn’t even bother with him. He chasing after a ole stretch up nanny for what? He sounds like a waste of sperm!

  11. Some things are just better left alone. And he is def one of them. He took ur furniture to carry by another woman and u still allow him to come back to ur home. Hmmm I’m not one to judge but sometimes wen they out is to stay to freak out.

  12. Look I need to say this…..wife:if a man could play he taking ur bed to carry for his heffer u neeeeeds to take it to the lord in pray not take him back so he could take more stuff an carry for his heffer….heffer : what kinda woman u r to pick up a man who taking his wife bed to bring for u have some standards nah gul…oh shit she dont have any cause she sleeping with a married man……my bad… least demand new stuff from him nah girl… men r sppose to b providers not bachac toting from 1 woman to the next

  13. But babes, what God put together let no man but asunder..if that was really a relationship God designated for you. While bashing the woman also understand that your husband does not deserve you and maybe its best he not choose between the two of you, maybe you should CHOOSE to get out of that mess.

  14. all i have to say is this woman not serious but sistren her waz d scenes eh he take everything al leave the house empty now here what you hadda do adultery is good grounds for divorce if the child is not he own well hard lucks you on your own but he will have to leave the house an furniture an everything for you why because that’s just the ways the law works i bet he go be begging to come back with you an you sound like a strong loving black woman many men would want you but now you know how to guard yourself from horn again

  15. Listen here, try to open your ears a bit. IF a man leaves a woman (and I mean to back up his truck and move out furniture) to go and live with another woman with a history and 3 kids, THEN he had to be hurt real deep by his wife and he’s making a strong statement that he’s moving on. This isn’t sneaking around anymore. This is pack-up and roll-out case! The other woman isn’t to blame, but yourself. From sharing his space with one person, he now goes to share it with four others under one roof. This is a strong signal, so try to get it and move on and stop slandering Marsha. If you was my sis, I would of cut your internet service for showing the world your stupidity!

    • She does not understand wat u mean by cuttin her internet supply if u were here sis wifey she did not mean ur doh pay yuh bill she mean all dis wat u doin wifey is shit she wud hv cut off ur stupidity caz u in a mess sayin o u happy wit ur life now wifey plz all lies dis wud not be happening if u were not a mess inside u wud not do dis to another person if u were happy mam it clearly states u need to work on ur issues caz if u cheated on him n n d man u cheated wit had another woman n she put u up hw wud u feel ur pic up rite now n hv a sad story n everyone commentin on u shame on u man if u was so happy fr something dat happen years ago y dod dis now hmmm smh I feel sry for u u need serious help mam sry to say caz yuh put up a story n wen everyone commentin on wat u said its not dat wat u wrote am confused if he moved bk home den clearly as u claimed he wanted U so wat happen fr den to now u did not know hw to keep him in ur own bed he still messin wit dis woman after years den wat u doin wrong wives does want to blame other women for dey proBlems dis doh solve nothing caz u cud be workin on urself within caz ur talkin bout God put together d only grounds for divorce in d bible is adultry n if u doh want to divorce d man mam well shut down dis page I say n go n read ur bible n spend more time wit God to fix ur marriage n maybe try to be a proverbs woman for him caz u r a wife d last chapter in proverbs is. Wat I think all women sud strive to become especially married women am not bashin u all am sayin sometime it takes really hard work n commitment to save a marriage so go spend ur time doin positive fixin of urself n ur marriage if it still important to u am sure God will hv nothing to do wit. Dis wat ur. Doin caz If I rem my bible well JESUS said all who r without sin. Cast d first stone well r u ms wifey without sin dis u ever cheat on huzzy before we doh kno so stop airin ur laundry n go fix ur business n leave d girl let God deal wit Marsha we all hv to answer to God am so ashamed of u am sad for u yes smh hmmM

      • Thank you Miss Sweetness on for the advise,but 1. A homewrecker is a homewrecker and 2. like Jill Scott sang i’m living my life like its golden living my life like its golden, golden, golden. Try and take a walk in my shoes then talk i hope you or none of your close relative, or friends don’t ever have to go through what i did.

        • U r so welcome wifey n for ur info I hv been in ur shoes I jus doh hv time for all dis wat u doin ur focusing on dis woman n makin her so important n a big part of ur life I doh hv time for dat I spend my time readin d bible n readin other things dat I can do to better myself inside am married jus like u am not perfect no one is but sometimes there is something missin or there r needs dat not bein met by either parties n wen we doh focus on d problems n try to fix dem other pple fr d outside will n I doh want dat for my relationship so I doh hv time wit no homewreckin nonesense I try to cook better look better clean better talkt to my husband better respect him be there for him listen to him n now am goona try to give him wit d help of d lord in prayer wat he always fr me n dat is a baby I can safely say I can tell he’s all mines d way he respond to me n treat me n we r at a great place now I can say am happy really happy n living my life like its golden to grow up grow within n pray wit my husband every nite I c him fallin in love wit me over n over again so u c I hv been in ur shoes I jus choose to work on my life seriously wit d lord help of course n I think if u reaaly examine urself clearly n think to urself wen ur alone u wud know dis wat ur doin will get u no where wit huzzy or even wit u it will give u no satisfaction inside u need d love of d lord in u to live in u to change u am sry but if dis is d road u choose I hv to say ur jus sayin ur happy I believe ur not do wat u will is u hv to live wit urself anyway bless day mam

          • @ miss sweetness on i really do appreciate your advice and this year i am really tryin my best to focus on GOD and try to be a better person so thnk you and congrats to u on working on ur marriage :)

        • Jill Scott is a home wrecker too. She make child for one of she backup dancers who have a gf too. Google it.

          OH GAD OYE!!!!!!

  16. you could be de best an sexyest woman out a man is a man and they are all weak no matter what they cheat and they always will, leave him where he gone baby.The good lord has someone better for you.

    • Men are not all weak. and if men are all weak we need to blame the women/mothers who are raising them. because a father, unless a single father does not raise a child. he simply provides food and security as man of the house. when it comes to raising and development of the child 90% of it falls into the hands of women/ mothers . . .so re-evaluate.

  17. Lady, she has all your old stuff, great out with the old in with the new, including him. WHY are you fighting for a man that obviously wants to be else where. Let him be, you can be blocking what GOD has instore for you. Let it be…..

  18. @ miss tired of this. First of all this happened a couple of years ago when he did leave in three days time he came back home and when he backed the truck to tote out these used furniture I had already brought a new furniture set, and I am not trying to slander Marsha even when my husband came back home she never stop pushing trying to get her way back in with her phone calls text messages and what have you. I just decided to share some of my experiences with other people because when some of these men decide to horn their wives and these outside women get their hooks in they do know to let go and does not want to let.Ok some ppl talking but don’t know how it feels when your other half decides to be unfaithful,and my mother always used to tell us never put urself with a married man it blights you, and if a person decides to live with someone else husband/wife be ambitious enough to want New stuff not things someone else used and.@ miss tired of this would you sleep on used mattress that a man and his wife slept on fucked on countless times I sure u would not. Anyhow I have passed that I am happy and enjoying my life to the fullest now.

  19. This “homewrecker” is not the problem YOU ARE. How could you allow this kind of folly to be in your life? The moment you realized he was being unfaithful you should have left him and moved on to a healthy, committed relationship where there is mutual respect. If this man can take your things and move in with someone else right in front your face he HAS NO RESPECT FOR NEITHER YOU NOR THIS OTHER WOMAN.

    Have some goddamn self-respect and dignity. This man is most likely still horning you with someone else because you have clearly demonstrated to him you’ll take any kind of treatment. CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

  20. I’m here to tell someone this morning that it doesn’t matter where life has taken you, it’s never too late to make a change. If where you are is not where you feel you should be, it’s simply because you’re becoming enlightened. You’re learning, flourishing. You now have an opportunity to move forward from this moment into a life that better suits the new you. Perhaps life leading up to this point is starting to make sense. It’s becoming clear that everything in your past has been for a reason, a growth opportunity, and to make you stronger. You suddenly feel different, as if everything around you is miraculously changing. Welcome to the doors of a NEW YOU. Do not be afraid to enter.

  21. Never take revenge, my friends, but instead let
    God’s anger do it. For the scripture says, “I will
    take revenge, I will pay back, says the Lord.”
    Instead, as the scripture says: “If your enemies are
    hungry, feed them; if they are thirsty, give them a
    drink; for by doing this you will make them burn
    with shame.” Romans 12:19,20
    — GOD IS LOVE –if we claim love for God dis is hw it suppose to be done bless day everyone :)

  22. Why are we men ever so discontented with the blessing God has brought us through, married yet shopping for more, there’s no room in a man’s heart in today’s world for two woman rat!!!
    Cost of living is so high, jeez!

    • Because their eye long and they are selfish. They will go mad if they are the ones getting horn but love to dish it out. There are men who don’t even care what disease they bring home to their wives, they just stick their dick in anything. How do they sleep at night coming home to their wives when they know they have been going raw with other women.

  23. Alright, so she is a home wrecker, but if your man get up and running that down bawling one set of lies in your head leave him there. There is a different in ”What God put together” and ”What’s right for you” . I’m a man, telling you it as it is ”God will provide for YOU and your offspring” Your man and men alike will soon come to learn the a woman who has helped you build a house and a family is worth more than her weight in Gold. Leave two of them right there. – Adam19

  24. Always have a back up plan and a fuck buddy i always say .just when he thought he had one on you back up with the fuck buddy a couple of days lock down in your house with a great guy who knows his way around your body and you be fine aint nothing wrong with being a royal bitch at once …

  25. if the lord would mark iniquity none who condemn her would be able to stand ,because all have skeletons in there closets and some skeletons still have flesh on them

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