Is It A Good Idea To Listen To What Your Man’s Ex Has To Say About Him?


Last week the blogs were alight with rumors of a new romance between Khloe Khardashian and French Montana. However, there is one big problem, Montana is still legally married to his Wife Dean Kharbouch. The couple have a four year old son Kruz together. Dean however, has a serious warning for Khloe.

In an interview with Life & Styles Magazine, Dean explains, “She has to be careful. Things are not as they seem. As soon as he popped, it was as if Kruz and I didn’t exist. He practically abandoned us!” she exclaimed. “Sometimes we don’t see him for two or three months.” “Sometimes we won’t hear from him for two or three months,” she added. Continue reading

The Long Term Results Of Home Wrecking…


My parents were both cheaters! Back in those days it was called “frening”! How they ever got married is beyond me! We grew up in a dysfunctional home! We hardly spent time outside of that home! It was like living in Beirut! We had a live in maid, who also doubled as my father’s mistress! Eventually my mother left and came over here to study! Prior to doing this she had left in the early 60s to study but returned home pregnant with another man’s child. My father stayed with her and tried to make the marriage work. This is where they should have divorced. Instead they stayed together and me and my sibling were born. The enduring years didn’t fix their problems. Continue reading


candice joseph

So after part two I really was going to give you a rest but then to my great surprise you messaged. You seem to never learn. Kevin in case he didn’t tell you changed his number so the lovely message you sent I got it. No remorse still I have heard you still deny ever being with a married man. Hope the next few pictures add a touch to your memory. Again the last digit is removed but as always those who are friends with you will be able to confirm that its your number. Continue reading

Kandace Baird AKA Kandii Cane Stink Dutty Homewrecker


The bi-sexual whore is Kandace Baird from Oropouche Trinidad. My boyfriend and I have a BEAUTIFUL child together, yes things may not be the best/the ideal of relationships, but all relationship have their ups and downs and ours isn’t any different, we will fight, makeup, laugh etc. with us having a child would obviously make us closer to see about the well-being of our child, not like we need an extra elements in the equation to fuck things up even more. They both don’t seem to know that i may be aware off their encounters, but am a lady and we sense when things aren’t the way they should be, and I know you and my man/child father (whichever one he would have tell you) have been going out and fucking all over the place. Continue reading


1907567_10202108871581996_593115646_nThis story servers as a stern public warning to Miss CANDICE JOSEPH aka TANGIE aka PUMPKIN from Erin who as of lately due to the massive influx of “hate mail” , profile views, and shares decided to deactivate her facebook account just a few hours after my first story. As you all have seen even you Candice ,many people has showed their concerns in reference to you past , present and future lifestyle. Many would argue that is your life and however you decide to live it its your personal choice. Continue reading

Former Government Minister Glenn Ramadharsingh In Sex Probe


A 47 year old woman Patricia Singh, accompanied by her attorney Nizam Mohammed, went to the Port of Spain CID office last Friday and reported that she was made to perform sex acts on fired government minister Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh when she went to him for assistance to fast track a Housing Development Corporation (HDC) application.

The two sex acts are alleged to have occurred at the Ministry of the People and Social Development at the corner of Independence Square and Abercromby Street, Port of Spain office in 2011 and eight weeks ago.  The following are excerpts taken from the Trinidad Express Newspaper. Continue reading



So it all started last year FEBRUARY (2013).. My now soon to be ex husband kevin attended a boat ride which sadly I couldn’t because I was at the moment 7 months pregnant with our second child.. Guessing it all went well, he came home the next day , normal as ever even filled me into the actions that I missed. I trusted this man , after all I did happily burst out all my self written vows to him. After a few days the messages started , silly me thinkings its his friends , or family or even work.. Even though red flags started going up I never made much out of it. To be honest once or twice I even reached for the phone and handed it to him so he can reply (how stupid I know) In the space of a few weeks the man i thought i knew started changing , he wanted to go every party now , lived on whats app and fb and for the first time in almost 3 years he was actually broke. ( now I know where his money went).  Continue reading

Mechell From Siparia, She Is Ah Guyanese


My boyfriend an I been together 5yr + an we were the happiest couple until this Guyanese slut came in the picture “Mechell from Siparia…I was 7mths pregnant at the time with my 1st child also his, but he nor Mechell could not care less …i realise he started moving different so i confronted him an tell him that some saw him somewhere park up with a certain woman so he denied it an we started to argue real bad because in his mind he knew what he was doin so he get really pissed an pack his stuff an left ..the next day i ask him to please come out an tell me the truth so we can end on good terms and he did. Continue reading

Homewrecker Lyndell Lara


I had just have my baby when I found out that my boyfriend / father of my child had slept with this bitch called Lyndell Lara. I was browsing through his facebook when I saw the name come up, and I remembered her name from a prior argument we had about her. She was his ex and when we had just gotten together there was messages in his phone from her calling him baby and asking him to send credit to her phone but he never used to reply back to her. When I spoke to him about it he told me that he would stop talking to her seeing that I had a problem with it. Continue reading