Lonely Old Bitch

ShirleanneMy common law husband and I have been together 6 years. We know each other 8 years now. Great couple, always reasoning, we build a home together. In March this year someone saw his car parked in front a house. I went and I waited from 1: 39 am Sunday morning till 6:30 that same morning to see him coming out of this hoe apartment. When i reach up on him, well i wanted real battle cause I home with our child and you out there on shit. Ms. Lady pull in her door so fast, he held down my hands so I wouldn’t hit him anymore then walk to his car. Continue reading



As a man I have mixed emotions of making this post/confession. I don’t know if by writing this I will make less of a man. On June 19th (labour day) I carried my wife of 9yrs and her girlfirend to a party. During the nights festivities I found it a bit strange that my wife kept having to make random trips to the bathroom (5-6 times a half hour). i thought nothing of till i ran into a friend and he told me my wife was in a corner hooked up with a guy. Continue reading

Daniel Robinson (Fly Boy ) Exposed


I am exposing Daniel Robinson who is a 2 time home wrecker and a back stabbing snake. He wrecked my home as well as another mans home when he was in his early 20’s. Let me start by giving you a little background. I met Daniel when we were 24 years old which is now almost a decade and a half ago. We worked together at a summer program with children. Daniel was always popular with the females and was known to have lots of female admirers his age, older and some of the teen students had crushes on him. Many of the fellas that worked at the program hated on him and were not friends or friendly with him because they were envious of him. He was thought to be a pretty boy and stuck up. I give him his credit he was a handsome dude but wouldn’t trust the bitch around my girl. I was one of the few Continue reading

Money Hungry Prostitiute


Stephanie Roopnarine from central is only with my husband for money. She only calls him for money because he is a police officer and yet she’s living with a man and have two children with two different child fathers. This girl have no job and no life sleeping with so much men. She uses them for money and give them sex in return. Young girl has no future can’t speak proper, very illterate no education and common sense. Continue reading

Nicole Kelly Eustace Slut in her Old Age


am writing this story to expose a woman by the name of Nicole Kelly Eustace. She is originally from Santa Cruz Trinidad, but moved to the United States, since she went to school in Trinidad, waste time and came out with no passes. She met somebody husband, stole the man and married him and had two children. Then the man left her and went back to his wife, she met someone else’s man, and took that man away from his family also, while in the states and had two more children for this man. Her step children, the children of the second man, can’t stand the site of the Continue reading

Keisha Gill – Homewrecker From Arima


My husband and i was together for about 5years, yes we had our up and downs but we made it work. We have two beautiful children and he is a great dad to them. Well let me get into it. Recently i realised he’s always on his phone and he isn’t a phone person, so i found it was suspicious but i didn’t think anything by it. Until one night about after one in d morning he goes to the bathroom and was in there a while, something just told me get up and go check. Continue reading

I Drove Him to It


I Drove Him to It

We had been together for 5 years. We had a tough time that summer when it came out that he and I had both had sex with someone else while we were broken up 3 years earlier. We struggled about breaking up and decided that we had a daughter together along with step-kids and we truly loved each other. Things had been strained due to issues with the lack of respect from his mother and daughters. They were at my house at least every other weekend and they would take over. It was constant chaos and no communication. Continue reading

Samantha Sylvester/Homewrecker/Whore/Mother/Gold digger


Samantha Sylvester from Barataria is a dutty stink home wrecker that would do anything to go after your husband or boyfriend. While her mother is at home taking care of her children, she is out in a party or with people man, husband!
This individual entered my life when I was married to my husband for many years, we have three children together and everything seemed to be just fine. We were one big happy family. Continue reading

Kieve C. Guevara Will Ruin Your Life


This story is short, and is meant to expose a chronic cheater. I will move on with my life and heal, but I want to warn other women out there about him.

His name is Kieve C. Guevara. This man is quite the charmer. That’s how I fell for him. He will make you laugh, and make you feel like you’re the best woman in the world. We were together for 5 years. However, all throughout the relationship, I was questioning his actions. He’d go Continue reading