Kerece Joefield/Jones Cocorite Phonecard Begging, Hungry Homewrecker


Good day everyone, my Husband and I has been together 9yrs. We were sweethearts back in junior sec and to this day we are now married, have two beautiful twin girls and living happily together, until this stink bitch Kerece Joefield/Jones or whatever the fuck last name she want to use came along. One morning about 6am i was awake making breakfast for my girls and husband for them to be off for school and work. while my husband was in the shower his phone kept ringing off the hook non stop. let me tell u ppl, wen i say off the hook i mean off the fucking hook! as soon as the phone stop 3 seconds after it ringing again!! Continue reading



My boyfriend Billy and I have been together for while we had have a good relationship but like every relationship we have problems, I found out recently that he been talking to some bitch from abroad and they become a little to friendly he is telling her he loves her and she is doing the same I don’t know where this whore name Camille come out form but she is making things worst. I called the bitch to talk to her and she hanged up the phone so I decided to put them both on blast. Continue reading

Kandace Baird AKA Kandii Cane Stink Dutty Homewrecker


First let me begin by mentioning about my first post on Kandace and by reminding everyone that everything in my story touches on the typical cliches of homewrecker behavior. After it all came to light I was able to confront, accuse and punish my boyfriend for every single text, call, and facebook message and made him admit to all of it along with the occasions Continue reading

Jeremy Nolland Blake aka Weatherman from Scarborough Tobago you are a lying, cheating thieving bastard!!!

Jeremy-blakeJeremy ‘Remy’ Nolland Blake aka Weatherman is from Scarborough Tobago, he was born on 6th October 1977. or We got together in 2004, but I knew him since 2001. He cheated on his girlfriend before me with at least 13 different women for the duration of their relationship from what he told me, but when we got together I thought maybe, just MAYBE he was ready to GROW UP and settle down. I was such a fool! I’ve done so much for this man, especially financially (I have been giving this man money & buying all manner of things for him since 2002)! I always thought if the tables were turned he would do the same for me, but I was DEAD WRONG! Continue reading

Church Whore

1545013_10153702944225145_41204469_nAisha Moore, from Barataria, goes to church every Sunday at Catholic Church. She sings in the Youth Choir. She has 2 children and is from St. Vincent. Goes to COSTATT. The sad thing this young girl, sits in church on Sundays and look at couples and target their husband. My husband and I have a daughter in the Youth Choir. When I can’t go to meet her my husband use to go. Continue reading

Allan Ramdeen is a Home Wrecker not Kidnapped


Me and my wife have been married for 7 years and have two children 2 an 4 yrs old and live quite happily but we as all couples have our ups and downs. In 2012 I had gotten conversations with her (Nalini Nanda Ramsaran Dassawh) and Allan Ramdeen (The Presbyterian Church Elder) from Fyzabad from face book. My wife left and went back to her mom and screwed with this man for the time she was there and painted a picture to her family that I was such a bad person but I does give them everything thy need. Continue reading


1512708_10153664662355444_370695985_nBefore I begin my story. First let me say that ‘Im not the type to embarrass someone or make them out. But someone wrecked my relationship and I’m pissed as hell! So Ill teach the bitch a lesson on not to take something that DOESNT BELONG TO HER.
I met my boyfriend in September 2012, but we were only friends then. We started dating in October 2013, 5 months Continue reading


1966745_4038811986105_504731495_n1This big out of shape whore Kathleen Ashby of (Removed) Meats was exposed to me about a month ago. She has been in a secret affair with my husband for about six months now. My husband and I have been happy for the past nine years and we have a son. This whore met my husband on, a site where in my opinion desperate people go to find a man. She used to be messaging my husband all hours of the night and even called. I don’t know where she got my number and sh started prank calling me and telling me all sorts of disrespectful things. She even told me my husband is not interested in me. Continue reading


NeetuMy boyfriend and I have been together for 15 yrs and we are great together. We travel alot and live a good life. Every relationship has its flaws but he never gave me reason to believe he was unfaithful until this bitch came in the picture. Her name is Neetu Nakesha Jattan from Sangre Grande. She is in her early 20’s but is a total tramp. Continue reading

Missy Goldan Lopez Arima’s Top whore

Screenshot_2014-08-11-16-23-041My husband and I have been together for the past 12 yrs, and I would say that for most parts its good. We have our ups and down like every marriage does, but nothing to say that anything like this was on the rise. He travels at least 5-6 times a year to Trinidad. Well it all began with unexplained phone calls from Trinidad at 6am on a regular basis and late at night, which triggered my curiosity cause he would never answer those calls. Continue reading